How to Order

$10 Merchandise Minimum:

All merchandise subtotals must be at least $10 or (at your decision), be subject to a balance surcharge up to the equivalent of a $10 Merchandise Total (pre-shipping and sales tax).

Online Ordering Directions:

1. When options are offered (color, fonts, etc.) be sure to add your selection(s) as well as any personalizing information if applicable on the corresponding blank lines. Next, in each item's quantity box, specify how many of that item you want to purchase. Finally, click the "ADD TO CART" button and you will be prompted to a "SHOPPING CART" displaying a list of each item you've selected to purchase.

You can review your shopping cart at anytime by hovering over the cart icon at the top of every page or click on it to go directly to the full shipping cart. If you've changed your mind about any item in the shopping cart, you can easily remove it by clicking the trash can button next to the item (within the shopping cart). You can change information about an item by clicking the edit button.

2. When you are all finished shopping, click on the green checkout button on the right side of your cart. You will be asked for your name, address, desired shipping method, and finally your payment method. When you've completed the "order form," place the order and we will provide a confirmation / order number within then next 5-10 minutes. This online ordering system is completely confidential and secured by PayPal/Braintree, the leading provider of secure payments.

Of course you can also, print off your order form and mail it in to us.

Mail-In Ordering Directions:

Mail in your completed (printed off) order form along with payment, to us at:
Forever & Always Inc
580 Saurer Farms Drive
Victor NY 14564